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Right click on any of the downloads below and press "save target as" and open it in media player.If you do not have media player, download it by going to my home page,if you wourld rather not save the song in your files for whatever reason you can just click on the download once and listen to it.



eminem-mocking bird

eminem vs p diddy-dj spanker

eminem-without me

eminem-when im gone


eminem-we are americans

eminem-super man

eminem-sing for the moment

eminem-white america

eminem-hailies song


eminem (feat d12)-loyalty

eminem-anger managment

eminem-freestyle canopy

eminem-cleaning out my closet

eminem-spend some time

2 pac-soldier like me

2 pac-uppercut

2 pac-out on bail

2 pac-ghetto gospel

2 pac-black cotton

2 pac-loyal to the game

2 pac-thugs get lonely too

2 pac-n.i.g.g.a.

2 pac-who do you love

2 pac-crooked nigga too

2 pac-dont you trust me

2 pac-Hennessey

2 pac-thug 4 life

2 pac-po nigga blues

2 pac-Hennessey (Red Spyda Remix)

2 pac-crooked nigga too (raphael saadiq remix)

2 pac-loyal to the game ( dj quick remix)

50 cent-intro

50 cent-in my hood

50 cent-this is 50

50 cent-im supposed to die tonight

50 cent-piggy bank

50 cent-gatman and robin

50 cent-candy shop

50 cent-outta control

50 cent-get in my car

50 cent-ski mask way

50 cent-A Baltimore Love Thing

50 cent-ryder music

50 cent-disco inferno

50 cent-Just A Lil' Bit

50 cent-gunz come out

50 cent-my toy soldier

50 cent-position of power

50 cent-build you up

50 cent-god save my style

50 cent(featuring olivia)-so amazing

50 cent-I Don't Need 'Em

50 cent-hate it or love it

the game-intro

the game-west side story

the game-dreams

the game-hate it or love it

the game-higher

the game-how we do

the game-dont need your love

the game-church for thugz

the game-put you on the game

the game-start from scratch

the game-the documentary

the game-runnin'

the game-no more fun and games

the game-we aint

the game-where im from

the game-special

the game-dont worry

the game-like father,like son


ludacris-growing pains

ludacris-the potion


ludacris-get back

ludacris-pass out

ludacris-two miles an hour



ludacris-who not me

ludacris-pimpin all over the world

ludacris-blueberry yum yum

ludacris-child of the night

ludacris-number one spot

ludacris-spur of the moment

ludacris-large amounts


ludacris-put your money

nas-drunk by myself

nas-if i ruled the world

nas-just a moment

nas-made you look (remix)

dmx-ruff ryderz anthem

dmx-stop being greedy

dmx-where the hood at

dmx-x gona give it to you

dmx-in the air tonight

dr.dre-the next episode

dr.dre-diposable heroes

east sidaz (feat snoopdog)-now iz da time

east sidaz-friendz

east sidaz-crip help


snoopdog-drop it like its hot(remix)

snoopdog-drop it like its hot

snoopdog-santaclaus goes straight to the ghetto


mariah carey-hero

mariah carey-never too far

mariah carey-thank god i found you

mariah carey-all i want for christmas is you

mariah carey-shake it off

mariah carey-one sweey day

mariah carey-when you believe

mariah carey-without you

mariah carey-through the rain

mariah carey-o holy night

mariah carey-boy

crazy frog-axel f

gwen stefarni-hollaback girl

coldplay-speed of sound

ac/dc-carry me home

ac/dc-love song

ac/dc-stick around

ac/dc-stiff upper lip

ac/dc-You Shook Me Up All Night Long

2 pac-changed man

2pac-fuck friendz

2 pac-cause i had to

2 pac-i aint mad at cha

2 pac-last ones left

2 pac-old school

2 pac-real bad boys

2 pac-smoke weed all day

2 pac-thugz mansion

2 pac-to my unborn child

2 pac-toss it up

2 pac-until the end of time

2 pac-whatz ya phone

2 pac-why you turn on me?

2 pac & scarface-smile

2pac vs Pras vs Brandy & Monica - Ghetto Changes The Superstar Boy

bone & 2 pac-thug luv

Eminem VS 2pac VS DMX VS Busta Rhymes VS LL Cool J - doggy dog

Dr. Dre - Xxplosive

Dr. Dre and Ice Cube - Natural Born Killers

Dr.Dre - Still Dre

Linkin Park - Cure for the Itch

jay z-frontin

jay z-99 problems (linkin park remix)

Jay Z Feat Mary J. Blidge - C'aint Knock The Hustle (dj Merlin Remix)

jay z - hard knock life


akon(feat nas)-locked up (remix)

missy elliot-hot boyz

Xzibit - X (chris Vrenna/tweaker Remix)

Xzibit - Klack

Xzibit - LAX

Xzibit - Tough Guy

Xzibit - Cold World

Xzibit - Hey Now

Xzibit - Paparazzi

Xzibit - Crazy Ho

Xzibit - Judgement Day

Xzibit - Ride Or Die

Xzibit - Criminal Set

Xzibit - Back 2 The Way It Was

Xzibit - Muthafucka

Xzibit - Saturday Night Live

Xzibit - Scent Of A Woman

Xzibit - Beware Of Us

Xzibit - State Of The Union

Obie Trice - lady


Greenday - Basket Case

Greenday - When I Come Around

Busta Rhymes And Ozzy Osbourne - This Means War

lil jon (feat busta rhymes )-get low (remix)

Busta Rhymes Ft. Lloyd Banks- fall back

Busta Rhymes - Gimme Some More

Busta Rhymes - Get Out Of Here

Spiller vs Busta Rhymes vs Berlin - Take My Woojet

Busta Rhymes - Dangerous

Busta Rhymes - Rock Cocaine

Pink Feat Busta Rhymes - There You Go Vs Shes A Bitch ( Djz Remix )

Busta Rhymes And Method Man - What's Happening

Redman ft Busta Rhymes - Da Goodness

Timbaland and Busta Rhymes - The Knight Rider Duo

Qtip ft. Missy & Busta Rhymes - Vivrant Thing Remix

Busta Rhymes - Pass The Courvoisier

Will Smith - Men In Black

Will Smith - Wild Wild West

Jirob V Missy V Will Smith - Nod Ur Head

Will Smith - Y2k

Ciara feat. Missy Elliot - One Two Step

Ciara - Next To You

Ciara - oh...

Coldplay - Yellow (shorter version*)

Coldplay - Yellow

Coldplay - Speed Of Sound

Coldplay Vs Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Clocks

Coldplay - Amsterdam

sean paul-we'll be coming